Pura Vida


Is it possible to live in a constant state of bliss? On a visit to the remote town of Montezuma in Costa Rica I found out what  the term Pura Vida really means. In Costa Rica, the term “Pure life”  is used generically for a lot of things – as a greeting, to excuse being late, a euphoric experience. You come all the way to see the Arenal Volcano and but it’s been raining  for weeks and it doesn’t look like the mountain wants to be seen. Never mind – you walk through the rain forest wearing a raincoat and see a tiny leaf cutter ant carrying a giant piece of leaf on it’s back. Miraculously, the next day, you see the sun shining through your hotel room window and you see the mountain in all it’s glory.  Shy and beautiful hiding behind a few tufts of clouds. Pura Vida!

This  blog is for discovering that elusive state of being as we muddle through life. Holistic living, ageing with wellness,  traveling as a vegetarian, non-violent communication, finding romance in your life.


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